Sunday, 26 February 2012


Oh dear, 4 to 6 against the blog I started alongside this one. I think it's a lot easier to blog about gardening - especially when that's all I seem to be doing at the moment, sprinkled with childcare and peppered with the odd sleep.
My other excuse is that I've fallen foul of a cold and sore throat, and I want to splat on the sofa and feel sorry for myself, uninterrupted by even as pleasurable a responsibility as blogging on a blog I promised myself I would stick with for at least a month...
Oh, and one more excuse - compulsively writing takes up far too much of my time, I'm the first to admit it. I think perhaps I'm story-obsessed. I'm always reading, up to three books at a time, plus anything else I can get my paws on. Obviously that's not enough, because when I'm not reading I'm scribbling the longest, most involved story ever, peopled with characters I probably know better than I know myself. I have absolutely no plans to publish this story, ever. This is strictly for my own entertainment, so anything goes, which is fabulously liberating. I am never, ever bored, because I have an endless storyboard in my head if any other story is not immediately available. This is all fine as long as I don't get something caught up in my head that needs to get out right now, because right now is rarely a good moment to pop out a pen and notebook and start scribbling.
Hmm..I'm beginning to wonder if I should seek help..
Anyway, I would dearly love to hear of anyone else with this freakish compulsion, so comment, please, if you nodded along at any point. Otherwise I shall continue along in the probability that I am simply slightly bizarre in my own particular way.

Up until I got my beloved 'third child' - my iPad - these were the precious things that went with me everywhere. Now I need to add a photo of my iPad in its battered, butterfly-covered metal case. Stories on the go, anywhere and everywhere. Modern technology and beloved paper and pen. Contentment.


  1. And please back up your iPad, or use DropBox, to save your notes if you don't already do so. My favorite writing tool at the moment is EverNote. I can write to my hearts content, and it's saved both locally, and on the cloud. and accessible on both phone, iPad and laptop. (But I back the up to another directory also).

    On whether you should seek help from someone. I would say anyone needing help would do well to come to you. :)

  2. No, you're not in need of help. There are plenty of people out here in blogland who have exactly the same compulsion. There are even a few whose response to three books at a time will be: "only three?"

    Good luck!

  3. Some of us caught the compulsiveness of writing actually via blogging (I was lured by Six Sentences - - AND the encouragement of myriad like-minded folk.
    But help for you is not necessary with either the compulsiveness or the books. Write on!!

  4. How lovely! My first ever blog comments :0) And so many good links to even more inspiration - thank you.

    And good advice KAC (aka Dad!) I back up my back ups, then back those up, too. Beware Evernote, which I use but no longer wholly trust after losing some material during a sync...I now select all, copy, and then sync.

  5. Welcome to blogland... I trying to complete three novel and a pocket novel this year so I'm very busy writing every day.

    Good luck with your writing, Laura

  6. No you are definitely not in need of help! Reading three books at a time is a skill in itself and if your mind is overflowing with stories (to write) at the same time - well, you're pretty dammed skilled!

    Welcome to blogland!

    Anna :o]

  7. Hey sweetie!! Thanks for making the comments open to anyone. I had just burned my google account as you started blogging ... timing ...

    I really admire that you write absolutely purely for enjoyment only. You have a secret world!! xxxx